Can you Still be Charged with a DUI if you are Under the Legal Limit?

In Washington State the legal limit that constitutes a DUI is .08. In theory, a blood-alcohol content level below that would mean that you would not be charged. However, if the officer suspects that you have consumed alcohol may still be able to charge you. Even though you may have only had a small amount of alcohol and you are not impaired in your ability to drive you need to be aware of the laws regarding DUI and how to protect yourself.

Drugs and the DUI Conviction

Previously on this site we have addressed issues surrounding being under the influence of drugs and how it relates to your driving under the influence charge in Washington State. It is important for Washington residents to know how the new laws and regulations surrounding marijuana impact the language in the law of the DUI conviction. We felt it is important to revisit the topic in today's times to make sure people are current on how DUI convictions interact with drug use.

DUI Frequently Asked Questions

Common DUI related questions.

DUI Process

The DUI process begins the moment you see flashing lights behind your car. Upon arrest you will be handcuffed, placed in the back of a squad car and taken to the police station. You will be asked to blow into the BAC machine or the officer will seek to have your blood drawn. Your car will be impounded and you may even be held in jail overnight.

Expert DUI Attorneys

A DUI arrest is embarrassing and can be very expensive. It can cost you your job, your driver’s license and even put significant strain on your personal relationships. Most significantly, a conviction for DUI in Washington can lead to a maximum penalty of 364 days in jail and a $5,000.00 fine plus costs, fees and assessments. Many DUI’s end up costing the accused more than $10,000.00.

How a DUI Can Impact You While at Work

We have spent a lot of time on this site talking about how a driving under the influence charge can dramatically impact your life. Our hope is that you choose an experienced DUI attorney to help you navigate the issues that arise during the legal proceedings. You need sound counsel as you go through the potential consequences that come up such as traffic school, jail time, in-patient rehabilitation and loss of driver’s license.

How does a DUI impact a Commercial Driver?

While a driving under the influence infraction is always problematic, it is especially challenging for drivers who operate a commercial vehicle. For commercial drivers, operating a commercial vehicle is not only a means of travel but also a means of employment.

How Does a DUI Impact You if you are Military

We know the punishment for a driving under the influence charge can be very costly to those who have committed the offense. You can lose your driver’s license, be sentenced to time in jail, or be required to attend traffic school. There are many other types of punitive actions the State legal system can levy against the person who is being charged with driving under the influence.

How does a DUI Impact your Driver's License

While it is never the goal to find yourself in a situation where you are arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, it does happen to people of all walks of life. Because of this, you should be aware of how a DUI or DWI will impact you. The State of Washington and the court system can apply several different types of penalties to drivers with DUI infractions. Some may include jail time, fines, traffic school and possibly revoking of driving privileges.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your DUI Charge

In today's world it is important to remember how technology and the different types of social media can negatively hurt you. This is even more true for those who are facing a driving under the influence charge. Social media can now offer another perspective to law enforcement that can be used against you in your DUI defense.

How to properly handle a DUI arrest in Washington

We all know that drinking and driving is a bad idea, but unfortunately mistakes happen. The actions you take from the moment you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror determine both how your case will be handled and your chances of defending the charge in court.

Over 15,000 drivers arrested for DUI by Washington State Patrol in 2014

In 2014, the Washington State Patrol arrested 15,550 drivers for DUI. This figure does not include arrests made by local police departments. Intoxicated drivers were responsible for 1,926 collisions across the state last year.

The Facts about Blood Alcohol Content

BAC stands for blood alcohol content and is a numerical measurement for tracking how much alcohol someone has consumed. The higher the number the more they have had to drink. In most states, such as Washington, a .08 blood alcohol level is considered the legal limit. If it is above that mark then legal consequences will be handed down from the local and state authorities.

The Hidden Consequences of a DUI

While we hope that people drive safely and avoid all traffic infractions we know every day people are being convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. Because of this reality it is critical to be aware of what consequences lie ahead for you if you are faced with a driving under the influence charge.

What are DUI Check Points?

In most states law enforcement use a variety of means to ensure the driving public is safe as they traverse the highways and byways. They do this primarily through traffic laws that all citizens follow. We know this is not the case as drivers every day violate these laws of the road. As a result law enforcement utilizes other measures such as speed traps, radars and speeding tickets as a way to ensure drivers follow the speed limit.

What are the Potential Legal Actions if Convicted of a DUI

While we hope that no one ever has to find themselves in a position where they are convicted of a driving under the influence charge, you need to be aware of the potential legal ramifications if you are charged with a DUI. There are several elements that could be legally enforced depending on the ruling of the judge or jury in the court system. Below is a list of the types of actions that you could expect in court if you were convicted of driving under the influence charge.

What does the Field Sobriety Test Consist of?

While you never plan to be in a situation where you are faced with a field sobriety test, sometimes you end up there. The field sobriety test is optional so you can choose not to do these exercises and we strongly advise against taking the field sobriety test, it is good to know what it includes so that you are better informed of the process.

What Happens if You Refuse Sobriety Testing?

Being pulled over by a police officer can be a trying experience. Perhaps you have experienced it before and your stomach sinks as you pull off to the side of the road. Even the best drivers can get nervous from being pulled over. While the police officer is just doing their job by keeping the roads safe for the general public, being pulled over can still be unsettling. This experience is especially stressful for those who have been pulled over for a suspected driving under the influence charge.

What is Alcohol and how does it effect your Body

Alcohol is a substance that is created when sugar and yeast ferment. This process when mixed into beverage form is what we typically see today in beer, wine and various spirits. While alcohol is a very socially acceptable practice in our society, it is considered a drug due to its addictive nature.

What is Electronic Home Monitoring?

In the event that you are convicted of a driving under the influence charge one of the potential consequences that you may face is electronic home monitoring. Home monitoring has become quite common and is a frequent technique that is employed by law enforcement and the court system.

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