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Defending Against Federal Crimes in Washington

Federal crimes are much more serious in nature than state offenses due to the fact that they fall under federal law and the federal court system. These laws can be extremely complex, with many documents that require attention to detail and focus. The federal court system is complicated in its procedures, rules of evidence, and the local rules of court. Mistakes by an attorney can be detrimental to your case, so it is paramount that you have representation from an attorney who is well-versed in federal criminal defense.

Types of Federal Crimes

Federal crimes include such offenses as:

At Hester Law Group, you can work with a Tacoma federal crimes defense attorney that has the experience, commitment, and drive necessary to handle your case. Our legal team has been defending individuals in federal courts for decades. We also handle appeals in federal cases that will be submitted to the higher courts of the Ninth Circuit Court and the Supreme Court. We have been successful in obtaining numerous reversals of convictions for clients through the appellate process.

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Mail/Wire Fraud Crimes

In addition to handling negotiations, trials, sentencing and appeals, we also guide clients through federal mail/wire fraud investigations that have not gone to a federal grand jury yet. The earlier we get involved, the more we are able to help you and prepare for what may come next. We can advise you on whether to cooperate with law enforcement, whether you should make any statements to anyone, and whether you should disclose documents, among other things.

Federal Conspiracy Charges

If you are facing a federal conspiracy charge, you could be looking at up to five years’ imprisonment. Federal conspiracy charges involve federal crimes that are committed by two or more individuals. Because of the nature of this charge, you could also be facing other charges relating to the crime which may increase your potential prison sentence. You need to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Some of the common things we advise our clients on are whether or not to:

  • Talk to the police
  • Take a polygraph
  • Make any statements to friends, family members, or co-defendants

Well-intentioned statements to family, friends, or the police could be misconstrued and harm your case. In particular, if a co-defendant is cooperating with law enforcement, any statements you make could unknowingly be recorded or relayed to law enforcement in a way that hurts your position. It is important to only make those statements after you’ve been advised by us. Any decision or action concerning your case should involve your Tacoma federal crimes attorney.

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