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Few crimes are as devastating or tragic as those involving sexual abuse. These offenses can cause irreparable harm that affects victims for years into the future. If your loved one was a victim of sexual abuse, call Hester Law Group. Our Tacoma sexual abuse lawyers have handled many cases, including charges against the Boy Scouts of America, school districts, colleges, individuals, pastors, employers, and even a pilot. We understand that sexual abuse can happen to anyone in any circumstance. While no amount of compensation can heal you, we will fight to ensure you and your loved ones obtain justice.

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At Hester Law Group, we work hard to establish a comfortable and sensitive rapport with clients who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. We understand that confidentiality is a major issue for our clients and some may even deter them from pursuing the compensation they deserve. In most cases, we have been able to maintain anonymity for our clients while holding the perpetrator accountable for the psychological and physical damages caused.

We Respect Your Confidence

We always work under very confidential parameters when walking through the recovery journey with sex abuse victims. We work hard to protect these clients during the course of the case and believe our clients should help steer the direction in which their goals are pursued. While we are sensitive to clients who demand the perpetrator be held accountable by a jury, we equally respect clients who ask us to pursue a confidential settlement.

Every one of our attorneys recognizes the extent to which sex abuse clients have been violated. Even if it is for only one meeting, we will maintain confidentiality with those interested in at least exploring whether they should proceed with a sex abuse case against a perpetrator from their childhood.

We understand the deep pain our clients feel and their need to heal and recover from what has happened to them. Our attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve and allow you to focus on healing.

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