What to Look for in a DUI Attorney


One of the first things that you need to consider if you ever get arrested for driving under the influence is the quality of lawyer that you turn to for legal advice and representation. In the court of law, your legal case will reach an outcome based in a large part on the knowledge, quality, and experience of your attorney. Because it is such an important decision for your future, you need to make a wise choice. Below are some recommendations to consider.

You want to ensure that your legal representative has some experience in working with the legal system, the local government, and being in the courtroom. While working with a new attorney can be effective due to their preparation and knowledge it helps to have someone that has been through the process before and knows how to navigate through the process.

In addition to making sure your potential lawyer has experience, you should do some checking to see what reputation they have in terms of quality. Does the lawyer prepare enough, what do the online reviews say, are they respected, have they worked in higher profile cases before? These questions will help guide you to see if the attorney is quality in their business. You can have over 20 years of experience, but that doesn’t mean that those years have any quality to them.

Another factor to consider is whether the attorney cares about you and your case. Often times, attorneys will try to book a lot of cases to build up their business and client list. While this approach makes some sense, you need to make sure that your attorney is not taking on every case so that yours gets lost in the shuffle. Additionally, you need to make sure your lawyer will keep your relationship going after the case is out of the courtroom. If your lawyer is never to be heard from after the case closes then you lose out of helpful information to help in any transitions you may have to deal with.

Fine Print
While it is important to focus on the bigger items in selecting a lawyer as mentioned above it is also important to review and understand the rate of pay that is expected of you as well as what the contract states. The fine print of the contract can give you a lot of information about what to expect from the attorney and how they will represent your case. Be sure to ask questions so you hear their answers.

It is so important to make sure you select the right attorney to represent your case. Your future hangs in the balance and you need to ensure you have the best team to help you get through the legal proceedings in a favorable manner. As you select your lawyer, be sure to get a sense of their personality, reputation, and their fine print. Consider an experienced DUI attorney to represent your Tacoma DUI needs.