What Is Electronic Home Monitoring?

Hester Law Group

In the event that you are convicted of a driving under the influence charge, one of the potential consequences that you may face is electronic home monitoring. Home monitoring has become quite common and is a frequent technique that is employed by law enforcement and the court system.

Home monitoring was introduced in the mid-1960s and has become more commonplace in today’s criminal enforcement approach. At times prisons can become overcrowded leaving little room for offenders with low-risk charges. Electronic home monitoring offers a way to provide restrictions on the person who has the criminal charge while still keeping prisons free for higher profile convicts.

The types of technology for electronic home monitoring systems have improved greatly as well. Devices in the present market can be customized to the type of monitoring that is needed. These home monitoring devices fit snuggly against a wrist or ankle ensuring the individual can always be tracked. The most common device on the market that is used for individuals is based on radiofrequency. These monitoring units that are worn by the offender will relay a signal to a base unit in the home when the person steps out of the allowable range. This break in approved coverage will trigger the base unit to notify law enforcement.  Other devices allow the person to travel more freely within approved locations because they are based off of global positioning satellites. These GPS signals are sent to law enforcement every few minutes allowing real-time monitoring.

There are some types of monitoring devices that are typical with DUI charges because they use alcohol monitoring technology that detects traces of alcohol in the bloodstream through a transdermal sensor. According to some studies these specific types of devices have proven to be more cost-effective than jail time and have reduced rates of secondary driving under the influence offense.  

It is our hope that you will not have to experience the effect of electronic home monitoring. We at Tacoma DUI hope to provide you with the best representation to your DUI case so that no conviction and electronic monitoring are needed. Contact an experienced Tacoma DUI attorney today.