The Facts About Blood Alcohol Content

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What is BAC?

BAC stands for blood alcohol content and is a numerical measurement for tracking how much alcohol someone has consumed. The higher the number the more they have had to drink. In most states, such as Washington, a .08 blood alcohol level is considered the legal limit. If it is above that mark then legal consequences will be handed down from the local and state authorities.

How does consuming Alcohol impact your BAC?

While people say that they are better at keeping their alcohol in check and rationalize that their large frame or heavier body mass is helping them compensate the amount of alcohol consumed the BAC measures what is in the bloodstream. Because of this, there is no way to hide from the effects of alcohol regardless of size.

As a general rule, someone who has a .01 to a .03 reading a person will have a slight lift in feeling and a mild loss of judgment. This is typically reached with one drink within 15 minutes. With a level of .04 to a .06, most people feel a sense of being high and are typically louder and lose control of small muscle groups. This would be reached by drinking two drinks within a half-hour of each other. With a level of .08 to .09, a person will have their sight and hearing compromised. They have a harder time detecting danger and do not have a good sense of balance. This is typical for someone consuming three drinks within an hour. This is also where the legal limit is for the state of Washington. Someone with a .10 to a .12 reading will not be thinking straight and have increased impairment of senses. This is typically reached when someone consumes four drinks within a two hour period. Someone with a reading of .20 is confused and needs help doing simple tasks like standing upright. For someone with a level of .30 processing any new information through the senses is a challenge and judgment is significantly altered. Lastly, someone that has a reading of .40 will be in and out of consciousness and needs medical attention.

While the hope that every adult will choose to drink responsibly at a level that does not impact their blood alcohol levels, we realize that not everyone will choose to do so. We at Tacoma DUI know that if you do get pulled over on a DUI charge you need proper representation. We have an experienced DUI attorney on our team that would love to help you. Please contact us today.