How a DUI Can Impact You While at Work

We have spent a lot of time on this site talking about how a driving under the influence charge can dramatically impact your life. Our hope is that you choose an experienced DUI attorney to help you navigate the issues that arise during the legal proceedings. You need sound counsel as you go through the potential consequences that come up such as traffic school, jail time, in-patient rehabilitation and loss of driver’s license. There are many potential consequences from having a DUI that can have a direct impact on your ability to find and maintain employment. Here is what you need to know regarding how a driving under the influence charge could impact your work situation.

Background checks

A driving under the influence is considered a crime against a person and will be on your criminal background if you are convicted of the offense. This alone is reason to seek experienced representation for your legal matters. Having a strong defense can help you avoid having a criminal charge placed on your background. If you do end up having a driving under the influence charge placed on your background you need to be aware of the ramifications. You will be subject to background checks at all new positions you seek. If the position requires driving in any capacity, you may be ruled out due to the potential risk for the employer. While you should still be able to find employment, having a background can be an extra barrier that you will have to overcome in finding work.  

Missing Work

Another consideration of having a driving under the influence charge is how your potential legal matters may cause you to miss time at your current work. If you are employed during the time of your DUI charge you will have to miss time due to court and meeting with your legal team. This could cause strain on your work environment by making it hard for your professional colleagues or your supervisor. The best course of action if this happens to you is to communicate with your employer so they are aware of why you are missing so much time during the work day.

Ankle monitor

If you are convicted and charged with driving under the influence part of your court sentence could be to wear an ankle monitor. As we have talked about in this space before, the monitor allows a legal representative, like a probation officer to track your movements. If you are released to return to work during this phase of your court punishment you may have to answer why you have a monitor on your ankle. This could impact your ability to travel for work related tasks as well as bring about unwanted attention among your co-workers as to why you have the device on your ankle.

Ignition Interlock Device

One of the common punishments for those with a driving under the influence charge is to be required to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed on all personal vehicles. This can be extended to any work related vehicle as well. For those who were hoping to keep their driving under the influence charge to themselves, this consequence makes it rather difficult. You will have to let your employer know about the offense and then make accommodations for when you use your personal vehicle for work purposes. This will not be pleasant but this is part of the consequence process due to the conviction.

There are several other types of related issues that may come up during your legal process that could affect your ability to secure new employment and cause strain on your current employer. You need to be open to communicate with those you need to as you are serving your legal requirements so that those who are impacted are aware. Ultimately, the best defense for a driving under the influence charge is to drive sober at all times, however if you are charged with driving under the influence you need to seek an experienced DUI attorney to help you move through the legal process as quickly and cautiously as possible. Contact us today to see how we can represent you and your legal case.