The Hidden Consequences of a DUI

Glass of alcohol next to car keys

While we hope that people drive safely and avoid all traffic infractions we know every day people are being convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. Because of this reality, it is critical to be aware of what consequences lie ahead for you if you are faced with a driving under the influence charge. The most common consequences are fairly well known. Many convictions will lead to monetary fines to pay, traffic school to attend, loss of driver’s license for a length of time and potentially even time spent in prison. What people often don’t think about are some of the unintended consequences that come from a driving under the influence charge. These consequences are often hidden from sight and make life for the individual after the conviction more challenging.

Loss of Friends
Often times people may lose friends over the choices and actions that have led to the conviction. Friends that you have once held dear may decide because of your choices they can no longer be around you. This is very common among young people who may still have the influence of an adult figure in their life guiding their life. While we hope the quality of friends that are in your life are deeper than the legal issues that you face, you should be prepared in the event that friends close to you may step away from your life due to the conviction.  

Difficulty finding Work
Additionally, future employers may not be as forgiving due to the legal record that you have. Having a DUI can limit the number and scope of positions you are able to apply for because some industries check background records for crimes against people. Industries such as healthcare would be an example of this type of field. Thus, having a DUI conviction can impact whether or not an employer can hire you if they have strict hiring practices. You should be aware of the potential of more closed doors in your future.

Challenge Enrolling into College
Having a DUI conviction can also impact your ability to get into college. Most schools have admissions requirements or criteria that take into account the applicant as a whole. The school is interested in your extracurricular activities, job experience, and community involvement. Some schools may take it a step further and look into an applicant’s legal history. If this is the case you may have more obstacles to overcome when going into a college environment. Additionally, you may find yourself forced to find a new area of study because the industry has higher background requirements. If this is the case you may have to switch your major.

In conclusion, there are many formal and recognized consequences that come along with the driving under the influence conviction. It is considered a crime against a person and as a result, it has harsh consequences in the legal system. No one will disagree that there should be consequences for actions such as driving under the influence. However, people are not often aware of the challenges that come when all the formal consequences are completed. Loss of friends and hardships with employers can make the transition to society more difficult. Navigating the legal system regarding a driving under the influence charge can be challenging and confusing. You need to have an experienced DUI attorney to help represent your case. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help represent you and advocate on your behalf regarding your potential DUI conviction.