What You Need to Know About an IID

Hester Law Group

In the state of Washington if you are convicted for a driving under the influence, reckless driving, or another type of driving-related offense you may be required to install an IID onto your own motor vehicle. IID stands for Ignition Interlock Device, which is a tool that requires the operator of the vehicle to blow their breath into a tube that measures their blood alcohol content before the ignition will turn over. An IDD is typically assigned for lesser offenses, and while inconvenient, is better than having your license revoked and relying on other methods of transportation while you are serving your sentence.

The length which you are required to keep the Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle depends on the nature of your offense. Typically, many Ignition Interlock Devices can be removed after 6 months, but some may be required to stay on longer depending on the type of incident and what the courts require.

You will need to take your motor vehicle to an authorized installer who will verify that the device is on your vehicle. Additionally, the state laws require that you install a device on any vehicle that your drive. That means that if you use multiple vehicles in your daily life you will have to install multiple devices across all your vehicles. Furthermore, if you drive a vehicle for your employer and it is the employer's vehicle, you are to coordinate either a release from the employer or an install an Ignition Interlock Device on the employee-owned vehicle so that you remain in compliance.  

It is our hope at Tacoma DUI, that your situation in court will not result in any negative impact on your life. However, if that is not an option due to the unique circumstances of the case you need to be aware of the laws regarding Ignition Interlock Devices and restricted licenses for motor vehicles. We hope that we at Tacoma DUI can represent your case and provide solid and sound counsel to prevent this from occurring. Contact us today to see how we can help your situation because we are the Tacoma DUI experts.