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With more than 130 years of combined experience, our team has amassed a long list of outstanding results for our clients. Read more about what they have to say about our Tacoma criminal defense lawyers at Hester Law Group. Call (253) 300-3034 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

  • If he said he was going to do something he did it. He has integrity.

    Wayne Fricke is a terrific lawyer who knows the law. The following are only several of many ways Mr. Fricke supported me during my time of crisis: 

    1. Explained the charges against me in a manner that I understood, as opposed to using law terms that I did not understand. 
    2. Was always available, he returned my phone calls promptly. 
    3. If he said he was going to do something he did it. He has integrity. 
    4. Ensured that the prosecution did not use their vast amount of resources against me, instead, he worked with the judicial system to provide me with resources that I was entitled to even though I hired him as a private attorney. 
    5. He was thorough in his witness interviews for use during cross-examination that helped me in my case. 

    Do not hesitate to hire Wayne Fricke, he is a lawyer that works hard no matter what your race, gender or creed is. He fights for his clients because he supports the fact that each citizen in the US, under our constitution, is entitled to fair and impartial representation.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Criminal
  • He always exceeds expectations.
    Mr. Fricke has been our family lawyer for about 5 years. He has done an amazing job representing my family and I. He always exceeds expectations and informs us on everything going on.

    - Jen

    Categories: Personal Injury
  • He, at no time, treated me as though I was guilty.
    I was accused of domestic violence and need a Lawyer to defend me. Not knowing who to hire I started with Mr. K.W. This lawyer did not seem to believe in my innocence and I was looking at 3 to 5 years. Needless to say, I ask a law enforcement friend if they knew of anyone. Mr. Fricke was recommended. From day one I felt like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. He, at no time, treated me as though I was guilty and we went to trial. I would recommend Mr. Fricke to anyone who needs a defense lawyer. I was cleared of all felony charges and back home with my family. Thank you again for a great defense.

    - Craig

    Categories: Criminal
  • Mr. Fricke had his office call me weekly for updates.
    A few years ago, I was involved in a car accident. Due to my injuries, I hired an attorney who seemingly disappeared. I was in crisis after calling the court and finding out my case had been dismissed due to my former attorney. I was referred to Mr. Fricke by a friend. After explaining my situation, he took my case, had the dismissal reversed and I was awarded the maximum benefit amount. Not only had my case been dismissed, it had exceeded the statute of limitations however, the judge overruled that due to malpractice of my other attorney. Mr. Fricke had his office call me weekly for updates. On onlyone other occasion had I worked with an attorney. Mr. Fricke's service, compassion, and drive to do what is right far outweighed the other attorney I had worked with. I have referred three additional friends to Mr. Fricke and all three have experienced the same dedication and hard work I had. If needed, I will call on Mr. Fricke and I will continue to recommend him to others I know.

    - Sharyl

    Categories: Personal Injury
  • He is always honest and straight forward.
    I hired Lance Hester to help me with 2 different legal matters. One was a felony criminal case and the other was a family law issue. In the felony criminal case this individual had everything to lose and this would affect their whole life. They were looking at possible jail time and on their record. Lance worked through the system and was able to work a favorable outcome that did not affect this person's life forever no jail time or on their record. So when I needed another lawyer I contact lance to help me with this next family law matter. The second case is dealing with domestic violence. Lance is helping me through this very difficult process so this does not destroy a family. He is always honest and straight forward, but works extremely hard to help his clients with favorable outcomes. I trust him completely and he would be the attorney I would go to first again.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Criminal
  • I knew from the start I was in good hands.
    Lance was always informative and I knew from the start I was in good hands. He came very highly recommended. He never gave up. The result was outstanding. We communicated frequently and in-depth along the way. Thanks, Lance.

    - Dave

    Categories: Personal Injury
  • Made a difficult situation much more manageable.
    Mr. Hester epitomizes professional representation. His knowledge, candor and helpful staff made a difficult situation much more manageable. Mr. Hester always made himself available for my questions and did a great job in explaining, and walking me through the entire process. I highly recommend Mr. Hester’s legal services, should you find yourself in the need.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Personal Injury
  • Mr. Hester's representation gave me complete confidence in him.
    I needed guidance through a deposition process with an out of state lawyer. Mr. Hester's representation gave me complete confidence in him. He has an excellent manner about him. I strongly recommend him!

    - Former Client

    Categories: Criminal
  • He will do his very best to win your case.
    Lance is awesome, I felt like he went out of his way to make sure he was 10 steps ahead of my case. He's knowledgeable, (educated on his craft) witty and quick in court. And he will do his very best to win your case. You're definitely looking in the right place for a criminal defense attorney.

    - Shawna

    Categories: Criminal
  • He is truly here to defend those who have been wronged.

    After an unfortunate auto accident and resulting injury (neither were my fault), my insurance company failed to cover costs that were included in my policy. Further, it was extremely difficult to get the "at -fault" party's insurance to provide any financial support that they were obligated to do.

    After researching attorneys and referrals from three different sources, I hired Lance Hester at the Hester Law Group. Mr. Hester is an attorney whose understanding of the law and the resulting legal system enables him to defend clients like myself when others aren't doing what is "right" (or even legal). In my very positive experience with his support, Mr. Hester was not the type of attorney out to defend clients simply for money, he is truly here to defend those who have been wronged.

    I would recommend his knowledge of the law, honesty, experience and integrity to anyone looking for an attorney who is ready to do the hard leg work to defend those who need help navigating the legal system.

    At the end of the day my expenses were entirely covered, plus more. And all was conducted outside of court proceedings. Which is all I could ever hope for. Thank you, Mr. Hester!

    - Becky

    Categories: Personal Injury
  • He knows his craft very well.
    I had a phone consultation with Mr. Purtzer. I was so impressed with his patience (I had a lot of questions) and his empathy. He knows his craft very well. His honesty totally dispels any myths about attorneys and their sole goal of just making money off of their clients. He's worth every penny he charges. Thank you, Mr. Purtzer - you're one of a kind!

    - Cheryl

    Categories: Criminal
  • Dedicated, sincere hard-working attorney.
    I'm 34 years old and I've been a long-time client of Mr. Purtzer ever since I was 16 years old. I've known Brett for nearly half of my entire life. He has been a dedicated, sincere hard-working attorney always representing me with my best interests in mind throughout the years in many various cases ranging from criminal to personal injury. He has always won settlements in all my personal injury cases and he is the reason why I've never been incarcerated on any criminal charges and allowed me to have the chance to expunge my records and retain my full rights as an adult. He is the only attorney I can trust to do the best job at what he does and I will always continue to put my full trust in him if I ever need his assistance again. He has even helped me by recommending other attorneys to me who specialize in other areas such as traffic tickets and I cannot stress the amount of help that has been for me in dismissals of countless traffic violations. That shows that he really does have my best interests in mind and if he can't help me he will always know of the best recommendations to give me.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Criminal, Personal Injury
  • He's my hero
    I've known this gentleman [Mr. Purtzer] for years, he has a quiet elegance about him. I've seen him get frustrated & it's impressive when he does. He represented me for a fall a few years ago that originally didn't look like much, but required surgery. Seeing him & some diligence on my part resulted in a better settlement than anticipated. He's my hero & very worthy of consideration & recommending!

    - K.D.

    Categories: Personal Injury
  • Expertise without arrogance.
    Wayne is a person who listens and goes beyond the call of duty. He also carries his expertise without arrogance. It was apparent to me through and through he has earned a high level of respect inside the courtrooms and that was so appreciated. I have gone to him for professional advice and hired him several times and if ever needed, I would without a doubt, use him as my Attorney again. He is informative, thorough and the best representative in the courtroom.

    - Pamela

    Categories: Criminal
  • I would recommend Mr. Fricke to anyone who needs a lawyer!
    Mr. Fricke went out of his way to help me with my case. I was defending a friend, and the prosecuting attorney tried to charge me with attempted murder, due to my lawyer's efforts the prosecutor dropped it to an assault 2, however, we weren't accepting this as I didn't do anything wrong! We took it to trial, and due to the excellence of Mr. Fricke I was not only found completely innocent, but we are being reimbursed for the time and money we spent fighting these false accusations! I would recommend Mr. Fricke to anyone who needs a lawyer!

    - Joe

    Categories: Criminal
  • The Hester Law Group is a group of tireless advocates for their clients.
    The Hester Law Group is a group of tireless advocates for their clients. Not only are they all highly competent, but the attorneys are also a down to earth and caring individuals. I recommend this firm without reservation.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Personal Injury
  • I fully endorse Mr. Hester's approach and admire his results.
    Mr. Hester fights for his clients and uses his expansive legal knowledge and persuasive skills to always find the resolution that most benefits the client. Whether it be a case that is decided by way of negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial, I fully endorse Mr. Hester's approach and admire his results.

    - Former Client

    Categories: Criminal