4 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer When You Were Sexually Abused

Sexual abuse can take many forms from unwanted explicit pictures to rape and can happen at any age. While reporting the abuse to law enforcement and receiving a medical checkup when necessary is important, taking legal action can be difficult as you are dealing with the experience and may be unsure of what solutions you can pursue. Hiring a qualified lawyer who can help you navigate the legal system and support you in holding your abuser accountable can make a significant difference.

#1 Respecting Your Confidentiality

The relationship between lawyer and client involves confidentiality, which can play an active role in sharing the traumatic events you have been through. If you choose to remain anonymous, your lawyer can often work with this and still advocate for your rights to hold your abuser accountable for the crime they have committed.

#2 Educating You on Your Rights and Legal Options

Your attorney brings a keen and thorough understanding of the laws governing sexual abuse, including statutes of limitations. They can suggest one or more options to get compensation for the trauma you have experienced.

The circumstances, timeline, and type of sexual abuse you have dealt with influence what type of lawsuit you may bring against the perpetrator(s). Your lawyer can address any questions or concerns you may have and help you decide on how you want to hold your abuser accountable, including whether you want to remain anonymous or are comfortable testifying in person before the court.

#3 Collecting Evidence

Gathering the necessary evidence to support your claim is crucial to securing a positive outcome for your legal action. Your lawyer has experience working with law enforcement, medical professionals, and witnesses to build a strong case.

Common evidence used in sexual abuse cases includes:

  • Testimonies
  • Medical reports
  • Police reports
  • Photographs
  • Clothing and other items from the crime scene

They can also investigate if the perpetrator has any criminal history, including previous sexual offenses.

#4 Minimizing Your Interaction with Your Abuser

If you are willing to testify against your abuser, your lawyer can nevertheless minimize your interaction with them to avoid intimidation and other issues. An attorney can accompany you at every court hearing and handle most of the communication necessary during the trial.

This way, you can focus on speaking one on one as much as possible with your lawyer and benefit from their counsel and support as you seek justice for what you have suffered.

Choose Hester Law Group to Protect Your Rights in Tacoma

By seeking justice, you are being proactive about your healing, and we understand how daunting the prospect of challenging your abuser in court can be. At Hester Law, we have decades of combined professional experience, and we are here to support you. When you trust us with your case, our team conducts a careful and compassionate review of your situation before discussing your legal options.

Our priority is to support your healing and we accompany you at every step of the legal process to obtain compensation for the physical and emotional trauma you have experienced. We have helped clients secure millions in reparation for sexual abuse that happened with a wide range of abusers, including school districts and college employees, pastors, employers, and individuals.

Have you been the victim of sexual abuse in Tacoma or its surrounding areas? Call Hester Law Group today at (253) 300-3034 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal options!