Corporate & Government Liability

Bail in a Federal Case

Bernard Madoff’s alleged Ponzi scheme that’s accused of losing approximately fifty billion dollars of investor’s money gave rise to the federal government’s filing of a criminal complaint alleging securities fraud. After his arrest and initial bail hearing, Madoff was released on certain conditions.

By Brett Purtzer, January 2011

Claim Filing Amendment

As most of you know, before you file a lawsuit against a government entity, there is a claim filing prerequisite. The statutes for this are set forth at RCW 4.92.100, 4.92.110, 4.96.010 and 4.96.020.

By Brett Purtzer, May 2007

Claims Against Public Entities

In a case that should not go unnoticed by those who pursue civil cases against public entities, Division II of the Court of Appeals of the State of Washington, reversed the trial court and found that pursuant to RCW 4.92.100 the individual claimant, not the attorney, is required to sign a claim when pursuing a lawsuit against the State of Washington.

By Wayne Fricke, March 2002

Supreme Court Dismisses Prosecution

After losing in the trial court and Court of Appeals, we finally prevailed in getting a prosecution dismissed in the Washington Supreme Court, by a 6-3 margin, in the case of State v. Bauer, 329 P.3d 67, 80 Wn.2d 929 (2014). Counting all of...

By Wayne C. Fricke, July 2015

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