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  • Not Guilty Police Officer charged with Murder and Manslaughter

    Brett Purtzer and Wayne Fricke just completed a 3-month trial, representing a Tacoma Police Officer who was charged with Murder and Manslaughter. The case, which was charged in 2021, received national and international press coverage from the beginning to the end of the trial. The jury found our client not guilty of all charges.

  • Case Dismissed Criminal charges of sexual misconduct

    After an extensive investigation by Wayne Fricke and his investigator in a case out of Pierce County involving criminal charges of sexual misconduct, the State agreed to dismiss all charges against Wayne's client the day before trial.

  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence
    Brett Purtzer's client was facing a domestic violence charge (4th degree assault) in Gig Harbor Municipal Court. At today's hearing, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case. Another successful result for the Hester Law Group!
  • $75,000 Settlement Slip and Fall
    Brett Purtzer helped a client recover $75,000 for a slip and fall incident that ocurred in Wenatchee, Washington. The client was very pleased with the generous settlement.
  • Reduced Sentence Drug Crime
    Brett Purtzer argued and won reduced sentence to probation and time served for client convicted of major drug charge.
  • Four Felony Charges Dismissed Four Felony Counts
    Lance Hester appeared with his client in Whatcom County Superior Court (Bellingham) for trial on four felony counts: 1. Assault in the second degree, 2. Felony Harassment, 3. Unlawful possession of firearm and 4. Unlawful possession of short barreled shotgun. Knowing that Mr. Hester was prepared to prove his client's innocence, the state dismissed all charges. The client was thrilled.
  • Reduced Sentence Drug Distribution
    Wayne Fricke's client was facing a sentencing range of 15-21 months for federal drug distribution conspiracy charges. Based on Mr. Fricke's sound argumentation to the judge, his client received only a 7-month sentence.
  • Vacated Conviction 4th Degree Assault
    This morning, Wayne Fricke appeared in Thurston County Superior Court and was able to get his client's 4th Degree Assault (Domestic Violence) conviction vacated. The client was thrilled to finally put the unfortunate situation behind him.
  • Case Dismissed Possession of Stolen Property
    This morning, attorney Wayne Fricke of the Hester Law Group convinced the prosecutor to DISMISS the possession of stolen property (motor vehicle) charge his client was facing in Mason County Superior Court. It was a good way to start the week!
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