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Our decades of litigation experience, combined with our commitment to excellence, allows us to offer our clients sensible solutions with positive outcomes for difficult legal situations.

Tacoma Personal Injury, Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyers

Tacoma LawyersWe at the Hester Law Group are aggressive advocates for our clients - with over 100 years of combined litigation experience. We pursue justice and explore sensible solutions for those we represent and their families. Our attorneys include Monte Hester, Wayne Fricke, Brett Purtzer, Lance Hester, and Casey Arbenz. We are here to fight for your Constitutional Rights, negotiate optimal results, and go to trial on your case if justice so requires.

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We are trial lawyers.  We have successfully tried cases in both state and federal courts located in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Nevada, Montana, Idaho and Arizona.  Our representation has been documented in news articles, television shows and even in books about our clients and their cases.  We understand how to navigate high profile cases but we also understand that many of our clients require anonymity.  We will fight for what is best for you.


10/7/2016 - Casey Arbenz argued two motions for discetionary review in front of the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division One in Seattle.

10/6/2010 - Wayne Fricke and Casey Arbenz represented a client in Grant County, Washington who was facing a negligent driving charge. The facts were such that the prosecutor was threatening to add a count of Driving Under the Influence. After several meetings and phone calls, Wayne and Casey were able to convince the state to not add the DUI charge and resolved the matter with a small fine and a few other minor conditions (no jail time). The client was very pleased with his representation and the outcome.

10/5/2016 - Lance Hester represented two clients facing seven total counts of violating Lakewood's Municipal Code - all relating to their ownership of two dogs. Mr. Hester and his team were able to have 5 of the 7 allegations dismissed. His clients were very pleased to only have to pay $150 in fines. 

10/01/2016 - Attorney Casey Arbenz represented an electrician at risk of losing his license for an allegedly improper hookup. After several months of negotiation with the Department of Licensing and Attorney General's Office, Mr. Arbenz was able to successfully resolve the matter in a way that was very pleasing to his client.

8/26/16 - Wayne Fricke defended a client in a civil case who was accused of punching a fellow consumer at an area Safeway Supermarket. After several days of trial, the jury came back with a quick verdict in his client's favor.

8/22/16 - Casey Arbenz fought to have his client's citation for Negligent Boating dismissed. The trial judge in Lakewood Municipal Court agreed to dismiss the case.

8/10/16 - Brett Purtzer successfully assisted an out-of-state client seeking to have old charges and convictions expunged and vacated from an incident out of Steilacoom Municipal Court.

8/10/16 - Casey Arbenz helped a client facing two charges of Assault in the Fourth Degree and one count of Harassment in Lakewood Municipal Court. Mr. Arbenz convinced the City Attorney's Office to allow his client to enter a six-month stipulated order of continuance - meaning the case will be dismissed in six months time upon successful completion of a few minor conditions.  

8/10/16 - Lance Hester helped a client obtain a one-year stipulated order of continuance with a small fine and no other conditions in response to a charge of Hit and Run. The client was very pleased with the result.

8/3/16 - Casey Arbenz secured a $50,000 policy limit award for a motorist injured by an uninsured driver utilizing his client's Uninsured Mototorist (UIM) Policy.

8/2/16 - Prior to the client's first pretrial conference, Brett Purtzer was successful in convincing the prosecutor to dismiss an MIP charge in Lakewood Municipal Court.

8/2/16 - During an administrative hearing regarding whether to suspend a DUI suspect's Drivers License, Casey Arbenz successfully argued that the citing officer's report was statutority inadequate. The Department of Licensing's motion to suspend the client's license was dismissed.

7/27/2016 - After only one court appearance, Casey Arbenz convinced the prosecuting attorney for the City of Lacey to dismiss an assault in the fourth degree, domestic violence, charge in Lacey Municipal Court. The client was very pleased with the result.

7/18/2016 - Lance Hester was able to have assault in the fourth degree, domestic violence charges dismissed on behalf of a client charged in Federal Way Municipal Court. 

7/15/2016 - The state attempted to revoke a client's SSOSA - threatening to put the client in prison. Wayne Fricke was retained and had the multiple allegations of voilative behavior dismissed. 

7/11/206 - Six months after an arrest for felony assault, and imposition of a required "no-contact order" between the defendant and his family, Mr. Arbenz was able to have the order lifted so that the family could be re-united and begin the process of healing. The underlying case also resolved favorably, with the charges to be dimissed in two years upon successful compliance with treatment and law abiding behavior. 

7/6/2016 - Following mediation, Mr. Arbenz secured a $200,000 settlement for a client injured by bouncers at an Olympia tavern. The bouncers had criminal records and instigated the brawl that caused his client's injuries. 

6/21/2016 - Lance Hester helped a client have his DUI case DISMISSED with prejudice.

6/17/2016 - Brett Purtzer obtained a verdict of NOT GUILTY following a jury trial. His client was accused of domestic violence assault and Mr. Purtzer convinced the jury that the client acted in self-defense.

6/15/2016 - Lance Hester fought for a client charged with felony assault in the second degree and convinced the prosecutor to DISMISS the charge. 

6/1/2016 - Casey Arbenz settled a personal injury case for a client who fell down a flight of stairs that were out of compliance with building codes. His client was very happy with the $100,000 settlement. 

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