3 Unexpected Consequences of DUI

November 2018

Most people are familiar with some of the consequences of getting a DUI – high fines, maybe jail time, - but most people are not familiar with all of the consequences of a DUI. The consequences will vary from person to person depending on the circumstances of the DUI and their lives. But you should be aware that a DUI conviction with affect your life in more ways than the short term consequences of fines and jail time. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, consider these consequences before choosing to represent yourself or just plead guilty.


Employment. In the short term, a conviction could affect your employment. If you have to serve jail time or community service hours, it could interfere with your work schedule and put you at risk of losing your job. Even if that doesn’t happen, there can be long term effects as well. If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, it will probably come up on a background check. These days, many employers, conduct background checks prior to hiring a new employee. In fact, in some cases, an employer may be required to do background checks of their employees.

Insurance rates. Getting convicted of a DUI can do two things: make your car insurance rates go way up and, even worse, your insurance policy could be cancelled by the carrier. You should consider your financial situation and recognize that a DUI can impact you financially in a larger way than just a fine.

Reputation. You should also consider potential consequences relating to your reputation and relationships. Would a DUI affect your personal or professional relationships? Could it affect your reputation in the industry you work in? While you may try to keep it a secret, court records are public records so there’s no guarantee that people in your life will not find out. While these consequences aren’t as concrete as some of the others, this can be one of the most important things to consider.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you should recognize the seriousness and do all that you can to defend yourself. With years of DUI defense experience, we can help you mitigate the consequences. Give us a call today for a consultation.