Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

We have handled a steady flow of Washington sex abuse cases.  Our experience includes cases of childhood sexual abuse against the boy scouts, school districts, colleges, individuals, pastors, employers, and even a pilot.   

The attorneys at the Hester Law Group work hard establishing a comfortable and sensitve rapport with clients who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.  We have worked with clients constituting both eastern Washington sex abuse victims, as well as western Washington sex abuse victims.  The distance from which clients might be from our offices does not matter to us, we just want them to have the best sexual abuse attorney possible.

In most cases we have been able to maintain anonymity for our clients while holding the perpetrator accountable for the psychological and physical damages caused.  

We always work under very confidential parameters when we have the privilege of walking through the recovery journey with our Washington sex abuse victim clients.  We work hard protecting these clients during the course of the case.  We are happy to collaborate on the goals of the case.  We feel strongly that as victims, our clients should help steer the direction in which the case is pursued.  In other words, we are sensitive to clients who demand the perpetrator be held accountable by a jury and we equally respect clients who ask us to pursue a confidential settlement.

Every one of our attorneys appreciates the extent to which sex abuse clients have been violated.  Even if it is for only one meeting, we will maintain confidentiality with those interested in at least exploring whether they should proceed with a sex abuse case against a perpetrator from their childhood.  

We also have a vast network of colleagues in most other states, should your case need us to partner with someone closer to where your case must be filed.