Sex Offenses

Sex Offenses

Being accused of a sex offense can be unexpected and can cause many different emotions to come up. We know that even being accused of a sex offense can come with lasting consequences, even if we achieve a not guilty verdict. We take that into account as we move through a sex offense case and address those issues as well. Many times, clients are accused of a sex offense by a friend or family member. Sometimes an entirely well-meaning or incidental contact may be construed as inappropriate and result in an allegation.

Some of the common things we advise our clients on are whether to talk to the police, whether to take a polygraph and whether to make any statements to friends or family members. Well-intentioned statements to family, friends or the police could be misconstrued and harm your case. It’s important to only make those statements after you’ve been advised by a Washington Sex Offense Criminal Defense Attorney. You need an experienced attorney on your side as you make decisions about your case. As soon as an allegation occurs, you should speak with an attorney. Otherwise you may make mistakes that can seriously affect your case and your future.

In many sex offense cases, you could be facing a life sentence. It is important to take your case seriously and act fast. Speak with an attorney experienced and knowledgeable in Washington sex offense defense cases. We know how to prepare your case and pursue settlement negotiations, if desired. We will answer any and all of your questions and ensure you fully understand the charges you are facing, the process and what to expect. We want to make sure you understand what is happening so that we can guide you in making smart, well-informed decisions about how to proceed with your case.

We are also able to pursue an appeal of your case if there is a conviction. Rather than dealing with the expense and headache of finding a separate appellate attorney who is unfamiliar with you and your case, we can continue to represent you and fight for you. We can handle direct appeals, personal restraint petitions and writs of habeas corpus for our clients. We know that clients may be victims of prosecutorial misconduct or ineffective assistance of counsel and we are committed to seeking justice for them.

Our focus is on our clients and their future. We will guide you to make decisions based on your goals. While our top goal is always dismissal of the sex offense charges, we understand your highest concern may be facing jail time, facing a fine or having a sex offense conviction on your criminal record. We will navigate negotiating any agreements based on your priorities. In fact, in everything we do while handling your case, we always focus on your goals and priorities and create a plan of action around them. As a client of any of our Washington Sex Offense Criminal Defense Attorneys, you can expect to be fully involved in your case and to fully understand everything that happens.

At Hester Law Group, our Washington Sex Offense Criminal Defense Attorneys provide the customer service of a small firm with the experience and knowledge of a larger firm. We put our clients first and will put all of our experience, knowledge and skills to fight for you.

We know this process can feel intimidating and overwhelming, and we know you want to make sure you have the right attorney on your side. Because of this, we offer free consultations. Contact us today to ensure you have the best criminal defense attorneys by your side.