Attorney Casey Arbenz Works to Improve Federal Sentencing Advocacy

March 2018

Attorney Casey Arbenz is passionate about defending his clients and obtaining the best outcomes possible. Often times, this means dealing with Federal Sentencing Guidelines and knowing how to navigate them and advocate for a lower sentence.


While our first goal is to obtain a not guilty verdict, Casey is dedicated to continuing the hard, dedicated work through the sentencing phase. He knows the importance of strong advocacy in that phase and the difference that it can make in the lives of his clients.


Early in March, Casey dedicated three days to participating in The Andrea Taylor Sentencing Advocacy Workshop in San Francisco. At that workshop, participants worked to develop a strong basis for a comprehensive approach in using persuasive, fact-based arguments to reduce sentences in federal court. They worked on sentencing theories and developed additional advocacy skills, both oral and written, to use in the sentencing phase of their cases.

The workshop was limited to 65 federal defense attorneys and Casey was thrilled to be one of those 65. He will continue to work to build advocacy in this area to provide the highest level of defense to each and every one of his clients.