Felony Defense

Felony Defense

Felony cases are more serious than misdemeanors and come with long potential prison sentences. The state of Washington uses Sentencing Guidelines that calculate the length or sentences after conviction. Our experienced Washington Felony Criminal Defense attorneys can help you understand what the potential sentence would be in your case. We provide you with all of the relevant, necessary information to guide any decisions you have to make throughout the process.

Our focus is on our clients and their goals. We will guide you to make decisions based on your top priorities. While our top goal is always dismissal of the felony charges, we understand your highest concern may be facing jail time, facing a fine or having a felony conviction on your criminal record. We will navigate negotiating any agreements based on your priorities and explain everything so that you can make smart, informed decisions.

In defending your felony criminal case in Washington, we will explain the process and what you can expect as well as answer any questions you have. We know this may be your first experience in court, and we want to ensure you fully understand everything that happens. No question is too small. We also understand that this can be overwhelming and are happy to explain things in multiple ways to ensure you truly understand everything about your case and have all of your questions answered. Communication is extremely important to us and a priority for all of our Washington Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys.

In addition, felony convictions should be taken seriously because of Washington’s persistent offender rule. Some felonies qualify as “most serious offenses” and are subject to the two-strike and three-strike rule, resulting in a life sentence. While one felony conviction may not seem serious, you should be aware of the lifelong consequences that come with conviction. We will ensure you are aware of all of the consequences, both short and long term, before you make any decisions about your case.

Our Washington Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys have the experience, knowledge and skills to fight for you. We have experience with forensic experts, suppressing evidence and applying legal defenses to your case. Defenses such as self-defense, insanity, or diminished capacity could apply to you and result in dismissal of your felony charges. We can also use those defenses to negotiate lesser charges or some other successful resolution for your case.

Regardless of your charges, we will explore all possible avenues to resolve your case successfully.

If your case does result in a conviction, we are skilled in taking cases to appellate courts and having convictions overturned. We handle direct appeals as well as writs of habeas corpus and personal restrain petitions. You won’t have to worry about finding a different attorney and the expense of getting that attorney up to speed. We can handle your case from start to finish and will continue to fight for you.

At Hester Law Group, our Washington Felony Criminal Defense Attorneys provide the customer service of a small firm with the experience and knowledge of a larger firm. We put our clients first and will put all of our experience, knowledge and skills to fight for you.

We know this process can feel intimidating and overwhelming, and we know you want to make sure you have the right attorney on your side. Because of this, we offer free consultations. Contact us today to ensure you have the best criminal defense attorneys by your side.