Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto Accident Attorneys

We call them "accidents" but they are really collisions. Collisions usually caused by someone else's negligence. Recovering from automobile collision injuries can be exhausting.  You deserve to focus on healing and recovery, and your goal should be to return to “normal.”  The attorneys at the Hester Law Group have vast experience handling the exhausting "insurance side" of things.  We want you to work on your health, while we take care of the red-tape.

We are willing to come to you if you are unable to travel to the Hester Law Group office in Tacoma. We have experience with claims and litigation throughout both western and eastern Washington, and travelling to distant courts and meeting places is part of what we do.  As lawyers located in Pierce County, we are centrally located and well equipped to address your automobile injury case wherever it may have occurred.

Washington accident and insurance claims are not always simple.  The attorneys at the Hester Law Group, work hard gathering all the information necessary to maximize the results you deserve.  Sometimes this means focusing on not just the negligent driver, but others drivers, or even passengers, who may have contributed to the collision and your injuries.  Sometimes this means the lawyers at the Hester Law Group spend time analyzing your own underinsured insurance policy, as you may very well have paid premiums for times when other drivers don’t have sufficient funds to cover your injuries.

Every week the lawyers and paralegals at the Hester Law Group negotiate with insurance adjusters and claims managers.   Wayne Fricke, Brett Purtzer, Lance Hester, and Casey Arbenz work closely with our staff to strategize results that account for outstanding liens and bills from care providers as well.

We have yet to meet an automobile accident victim who wanted to be injured or who wanted to go through the demands of recovering.  And certainly no accident victim deserves the demands the insurance companies place on them.  We are here to address the claims, work with you to decide when it is time to file suit, and to look to every possible place to find resources to help make you whole.