Over 40 years of successful client representation, is our best testimonial:

"Mr Hester fights for his clients and uses his expansive legal knowledge and persuasive skills to always find the resolution that most benefits the client. Whether it be a case that is decided by way of negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial, I fully endorse Mr. Hester's approach and admire his results."

"The Hester Law Group is a a group of tireless advocates for their clients. Not only are they all highly competent, the attorneys are a down to earth, and caring individuals. I recommend this firm without reservation."

"Our family used Casey earlier in this year and he was tremendous. He knew exactly what to do, was very reassuring and was very successful in the courtroom. We couldn't be happier! He's younger and eager to get things done right.”

"Always informative, and I knew from the start I was in good hand, Hester Law Group came very highly recommended, and the attorneys never gave up. The result was outstanding, we communicated frequently and in depth along the way. Highly recommend."

"Whenever you are forced to hire a lawyer, it is never a "fun" experience. Either you are in trouble or you have been wronged, either way it is stressful, intimidating and, often times, very scary. Casey Arbenz, however, helped to turn a negative experience into one in which I felt confident, knowledgeable, in control and, most importantly, he gave me peace of mind.

When I walked in to Casey's office, I expected to feel judged and criminalized but he instantly demonstrated his humanistic nature. He understands that being charged with a crime does not mean a person is bad by nature. This allowed me to feel more comfortable speaking honestly with him and even gave me personal comfort when dealing with my transgressions.

His easy demeanor and compassion lent a positive atmosphere to every communication we had and made the entire episode more tolerable. Additionally, his confidence and communicativeness about the progress of the case helped to put my mind at ease.

Of course, all the good intentions in the world don't mean a thing if a lawyer isn't proficient. Casey, I am glad to say, is able to back up his confidence with real results. The outcome of my case was much more favorable than what is generally expected and I have no doubt it was his hard work and attentiveness that made it possible. I am very happy with the results and with the experience overall. Casey is highly recommended in my opinion."

We also participate in public forums and rating systems on other legal platforms such as lawyers.com and avvo.com, the ratings and reviews speak for themselves.